2021 Nats - Young NSW

Due to uncertainty about COVID travel restrictions the 2021 Nats have been pushed back to 2022. Please read the statement below from the NSW Committee re the changes 

PONTIAC NATIONALS 2021 2021 Nationals Update January 2021 Hi everyone, hope you are all well. As you know, we have everything in place and basically just need to finalise entries as they come in and follow the normal routine of the formalisation of a Nationals. However, these are not normal times and the situation changes almost daily. The Corona Virus has plagued us since its arrival in 2019, and has continued to disrupt and cause havoc with our preparation and consultation with Young Council, the towns people and even our own activities in our own home states. We are not throwing our hands in the air and calling it a day, but we need to consider the restrictions put on us by the NSW Government, pop up cases of infection which are totally out of our control. At this time, we seem to be coming out of this phase, but the last time we relaxed everything it all went pair shaped again. The committee has all agreed that we need to make a decision on the upcoming Nationals in Young. The outcome is to postpone the Nationals till Easter 2022, where we hope social distancing and masks will be a thing of the past and everyone has had the vaccine jab. This leaves us with several options; # We can still take entries and hold them for 2022 # We can refund payments already made # We can hold off entries till later this year The decision is up to you how you want to proceed, you are under no obligation. This is the first time that any Nationals has had to be put on hold due to Government restrictions. We will be in consultation with Young Council and begin preparations to postpone the event and secure all that we have in place to ensure continuity of our preparations already in place. We hope you are not disheartened about our decision but we believe that this is the best and safest alternative for all involved. We thank you all for your patience and consideration, this will not be the last you hear of us, we will endeavour to keep you updated as we find out changes on the run throughout 2021, and relay either through the magazine or via your state Presidents. All motels and caravan parks have been informed to roll all names and numbers over to next Easter, so no room allocations will change. If you have done individual bookings, please confirm with the motel directly. our warmest regards, The National's Committee.

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