About our Club

The Pontiac Car Club of Australia (PCCA) is a family friendly club made up of five chapters across Australia. Our club welcomes all makes of Pontiacs; from the early Indian badged marks, through to the Arrowheads of both the chrome bumpers and later years. With over 500 members, you’re sure to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction.

Each chapter hold monthly meetings covering all topics related to Pontiac, club news, upcoming events, state RTA updates and the occasional guest speaker. Visitors are always welcome to attend monthly meetings, as we are happy to share the passion with fellow enthusiasts and answer any questions you may have.

Each chapter organises regular cruise days and outings with the emphasis of relaxation at mind and generally a good feed. You will often find our chapters at show and shine days, cruise nights, motorsport events, beaches, parks, the odd weekend away… and of course a good eatery of some kind!

The PCCA produce a magazine that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. From handwriting on two pieces of A4 paper with a hand-drawn logo, we now have a full colour publication with over 30 pages of pictures and stories covering off events held all around Australia with the occasional overseas story thrown into the mix.



Back in time, way way back, you know when there was no GST, carbon tax, petrol was under 60c a litre and you could still buy a Pontiac! A group of like minded Pontiac enthusiasts from around Australia were brought together through an advert in Unique Cars and decided to combine their separate state organisations into one national body. The Pontiac Car Club of Australia was officially born in 1988, converting all the existing state organisations into chapters of one united national club.


In 1988 the PCCA held the first ever Pontiac Nationals to be held outside of America, with a great turnout of over 85 cars. Following on from the success of the early Nationals, the club held the second edition in 1989 and the third edition of the PCCA Nationals in 1991. Since then, every two years the PCCA holds their Nationals, sharing the hosting duties between the chapters.

Past Nationals locations:

Wodonga, VIC - 2019
Warwick, QLD - 2017
Goulburn, NSW - 2015
Shepparton, VIC – 2013
Warwick, QLD – 2011
Cootamundra, NSW – 2007 & 2009
Benalla, VIC – 2003 & 2005
Gundagai, NSW – 1999 & 2001
Narrandera, NSW – 1988, 1989 & 1991
Cowra, NSW – 1997
West Wyalong, NSW – 1993 & 1995

So don’t be shy, pop on down to a chapter meeting near you and say g’day.